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House Votes To Overturn Trump Emergency Declaration

The House today voted to stop President Trump’s national emergency declaration regarding the US-Mexico border. as majority Democrats painted an apocalyptic portrait of a lawless chief executive out to gut the Constitution. The 245-182 vote fell mostly along party lines, however, 13 Republicans voted with Democrats.

Democrats pushed back against Trump’s assertion that there was a "crisis" at the border and saw the declaration as nothing more than a unilateral attempt to fulfill a campaign promise to build the wall, funded by taxpayers.

Under the terms of the National Emergencies Act, the resolution will now go to a vote in the Senate, where a simple majority will be required to pass. President Trump has repeatedly vowed to veto such a measure that might pass in Congress. In the event that happens, it would go back to the House, where 290 votes would be needed to override the President's veto. The votes taken today in the House fall 45 votes shy of the number required for to override.


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